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Broker vs Dealer


For most people, the car buying process is a negative experience. The idea of going to a dealership and negotiating a deal for a car is not something people are looking forward to. And this is where we come in.

Our mission is to turn car purchasing into a pleasant experience.

Not only we help avoid a hassle of finding the right car, we also help you save a lot of money. How can we do it?

Dealerships have quite a list of expenses associated with selling a vehicle: advertising, promotion, BDC department, showroom, managers, accounting, support staff, and of course sales personnel. Just for a customer to walk in through the door, it costs them anywhere between 300 to 500 dollars. Every phone call is worth 20 dollars. So taking all those expenses into consideration, it may be very difficult for you to negotiate a great deal.

However, if a customer is arranged by a broker, a lot of expenses can be eliminated, which will result in a better deal for a customer. It makes perfect sense for dealerships to work with brokers because it helps their bottom lines by moving more cars.

Now, even though, the business model of dealerships may be outdated, many customers can still benefit by visiting your local dealer. If you are completely unsure what you are looking for and would like to test drive multiple brands and models, it may not make sense for you to contact a broker.

However, if you know exactly what you are looking for, visiting a dealer will be a waste of time for you. You may come to dealership, point to the right and ask the best price and no games, you will still go through the hassle of negotiating, and in the end, it will be still unknown whether you will get the best price.

So, if you know that you want a white on black Lexus RX350 with Premium package, all you have to do is give us a call. You will get the bottom sign and drive price and vehicle can either be delivered to you or you can pick it up at your local dealership.

Also, if you know your budget and features you would like to have in your future car, we can also assist you. In many instances, customers know how much they want to spend, but are not sure what cars they can get. In those cases, it will be a complete waste of time going from dealership to dealership. Just like instead of calling every hotel in the area to get a room, you go to, you should call us.

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