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Who are Auto Brokers?
Who are Auto Brokers:
  • Companies, independent of the official dealerships, helping you save your time and money when buying, financing or leasing a new car.
  • Companies that understand pricing and know the current situation for any particular car (discounts from manufacturers, specials / programs, etc.), which allows them to get the best price for you.
  • Companies that work not with one official dealer, but with a whole network of dealers throughout the country, which allows them to find exactly your car and at the best price.

Types of Auto Brokers:
  • Providing you with a free service – the dealer pays the broker for the sold car.
  • Providing you with services for a certain fee, usually a flat rate or % of the value of the car

Why contact an Auto Broker:
  • Hundreds and even thousands of your saved dollars!
  • Hours, days, and sometimes weeks of your saved time!
  • Professional and discreet service!
  • If you know what kind of car you want, it makes absolutely no sense for you even to appear at the dealership – the broker will do everything for you.

What Auto Brokers do:

– They consult and offer the best options based on your situation and credit history!

  • Find the car you like!
  • Get the best possible price for your car!
  • They help to draw up all the documents correctly!
  • Deliver your new car to your home!

Yes, you can do all this yourself, just as you can fix the kitchen faucet yourself or wash your car. When it comes to buying a car through a broker, you not only let the professionals do the job for you, but also save money.

If you did not buy car from ALFACAR it means you overpaid!

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